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In Modern Construction.
Case Study

Our Approach To Sustainable Development

The Mason MVS

A Shared Community

  • Lending library.
  • Children’s books sharing library provides a space for kids to gather and learn.
  • Community sharing, selling, and giving-away bulletin fosters a culture of reuse and a chance to meet neighbors.
  • The community garden will provide a green space to relax with neighbors and friends as well as filter the air, provide habitat for insects and pollinators.

Achieving Zero Waste

  • Composting for food and food-soiled paper.
  • Recycling programs for textiles and e-waste diverts these items away from the landfill to prevent water and soil contamination.
  • Free pickup options of household goods for donations gives items a second life.
  • Recycling bins in all common spaces and on each floor.
  • Water bottle refilling stations in the amenity space.

Innovative Technology

  • Solar-powered common areas.
  • EV charging capabilities facilitate electric car ownership and usability.
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“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.” Ban Ki-Moon Secretary-General of the United Nations

565 Broome

A Shared Community

  • Free library open to all residents
  • Re-fashion NYC partnership allows tenants to donate clothing, accessories, and other textile items
  • Multiple nearby donation centers including Goodwill and Housing Works enable tenants to give old household items a second life

Achieving Zero Waste

  • Each floor and all common areas have recycling bins for paper, metal, and glass/plastic
  • Composting for food and food-soiled paper diverts waste away from the landfill to be turned into nutrient-rich soil
  • Water bottle refill stations eliminate waste from single-use disposable plastic bottles
  • Public restrooms are equipped with hand dryers to reduce paper towel waste and save forests
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